Melbourne Calisthenics

Is Re-Opening

June 22

and YOU'RE invited!

Melbourne Calisthenics is re-opening and we're bringing it back BIGGER and BETTER

There has never been a better time to make a positive change in your life than right now.

Check this out....

OK Let Me In
Healthy athlete keeps the horizontal balance

Melbourne Calisthenics is the first fully dedicated calisthenics gym in Melbourne, and possibly Australia!

Our warehouse gym 'MCHQ' is located in North Melbourne on both train and tram stops, and with plenty of parking available.

We teach all the moves to all levels, step by step, in a fun, safe and encouraging environment.

We've got you covered with an amazing introductory offer - a full week of training for FREE! - PLUS 50% off your first month, free wrist wraps to protect your wrists, and full access to our workouts via our app.

We'll send the coupon straight to your inbox, so you can book yourself and a friend in for your first session. 

So jump in and enjoy the amazing sport of street workout calisthenics at our dedicated calisthenics gym - MCHQ!


Enter your info here for a full 7 days training at Melbourne Calisthenics, yes seriously!


Who are we?

As seen on YouTube and Instagram. If you want to learn street workout calisthenics, you can now come and try it out for yourself risk free at Melbourne's only fully dedicated calisthenics warehouse gym - MCHQ

*This is an introductory offer only, and is not available to current gym users.

Where are we?

12 lothian Street, North Melbourne, 3051

12 lothian street north melbourne 3051

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